Child Whispering in Grandmother's Ear

Audiology Services

  • All testing conducted in a soundproof test booth
  • Infant Hearing Screening with both OAE and Sound field testing
  • Hearing Assessment (infant to geriatric)
  • Impedance/Tympanometry measures of middle ear function
  • Site of Lesion Testing
  • Auditory Brainstem Response Studies
  • Central Auditory Processing Assessment
  • Hallpike and Particle Repositioning Maneuver for assessment and management of BPPV
  • Electroacoustical Analysis of hearing aids
  • Hearing Aid Prescription
  • Hearing Aid Verification/Validation using computerized real ear measures
  • FM System Recommendations
  • Assistive Listening and Alerting Device Recommendations

Hearing Aid Services

  • Hearing Aid Dispensing of digital, programmable and conventional instruments; from miniature to behind-the-ear styles
  • Computerized Hearing Aid Fittings (NOAH HI-PRO software/hardware platform)
  • 60-Day Hearing Aid Trial Period
  • Hearing Aid Servicing/Repair (all makes)
  • Battery and Accessory Sales
  • Loaner Hearing Aid Program
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Customized Ear Plugs

  • Custom ear bud adaptors
  • Custom Bluetooth headset adaptors
  • Fitting of FM Systems for personal or educational use
  • Assistive Listening Devices
  • Custom noise protection for industrial or recreational use
  • Musicians' ear plugs
  • Shooters plugs
  • Swim plugs
  • Sleeping plugs
  • Pilot partners
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Vestibular Balance Services

  • Videonystagmography (VNG Testing)
  • Computerized Electronystagmography
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Our Convenient Location

Located in Renton, Washington (across from Valley Medical Center), Key Hearing Audiology Hearing and Balance Clinic uses state of the art audiology and vertigo testing hardware and equipment. Our highly skilled and patient-oriented staff allows allows us to offer the most comprehensive audiology, balance, and hearing disorder services in the Western Washington region.

The Key Hearing Commitment

We are committed to matching the right hearing aids to our patient's individual needs regardless of brand or manufacturer. Because Key Hearing is an independent clinic, we can choose from the best state-of-the-art solutions from all top international brands.

Key Hearing has been consistently voted "Best in Renton" by the Renton Reporter for its audiology services over the past several years.