Our Approach

Dr. Leah Wilkinson Keylard Au.D., at the Key Hearing Audiology and Balance Clinic has been practicing since 1999 and knows how critical communication is to your lifestyle. Hearing is the primary way most people communicate. Through our hearing we enjoy conversation, music, and entertainment. Most importantly, it's how we relate to friends and loved ones. It's also how we are alerted to alarms, doorbells, telephones, or emergency related sounds.

Who We Are

Many times people are told to get a hearing aid by the doctor or family member, only to be intimidated or misdirected due to the overwhelming confusion of options available. They feel obligated to wade through the mess of marketing and propaganda surrounding hearing aids in an attempt to find the appropriate device for them that fits their budget and comfort.

Dr. Leah Wilkinson Keylard Au.D. CCC-A FAAA, the Clinical Audiologist at Key Hearing, likes to take the guesswork and mystery out of hearing aids. This is accomplished through close examination by a highly qualified Clinical Audiologist. This allows Key Hearing to address your total hearing health. We believe in quality care that includes time for questions to be asked AND answered. We are a "no pressure" clinic, providing information and education about your total hearing health.

Our Story

Located in Renton (near Valley Medical Center, Kent, and Tukwila) in the Washington State Seattle-area, the Key Hearing Audiology Hearing and Balance Clinic utilizes state of the art audiology and vertigo testing hardware and equipment, and has a highly skilled and patient-oriented staff. This allows us to offer the most comprehensive audiology, balance, and hearing disorder services in the Western Washington region.

Through our affiliation with the American Hearing Aid Association (AHAA), we can keep our hearing aid prices competitive and all programmable and digital aids come with a hearing aid starter kit including a dri-aid kit, cleaning supplies, and a starter carton of batteries.

Meet the Team

Dr. Leah Keylard

Dr. Leah Keylard

Clinical Audiologist

Dr. Keylard stays current with the very latest technology from a wide variety of quality manufacturers such as GN Resound, Widex, Phonak, Siemens, Sonic Innovations, and Rexton (to name only a few), and is committed to matching you with the most appropriate hearing aid that suits your needs, lifestyle, and budget. She was born and raised in Renton and currently lives in Kent with her husband, and is the proud owner of 6 horses.


Cathy Craughan

Office Administrator

Cathy has 25 years’ experience in property & casualty insurance along with 18 years running a small business.

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